I’ve finally started a blog.  Much like the other creative endeavors in my life, when I commit to something, I need to wholeheartedly love the concept and creation of the project.  The first thing with this being the title of the blog.  It is something I’ve struggled with for a while, wanting the name to just be perfect.  I know, I know – minor details!  But that’s just who I am.

Why “eat well, travel far” – because those two statements are how I’ve lived my life the past several years.

.eat well

I have always loved food, particularly baking.  Since elementary school, I had a love of all things cookies, cakes, and brownies.  While other girls were doing each others hair and playing hopscotch during their after school play dates, I was baking brownies and dreaming of opening a bakery with my childhood friend Lisa.  Despite my love of all things sweet, my ‘regular food’ palate left so much to be desired for.  In my twenties, my mother was still offering me $5 to ‘try this’ or ‘try that’.  It didn’t work when I was a kid and certainly didn’t work as adult.  Then, I met a guy who helped me expand my palate, and now in my mid-thirties, I still get excited when I can tell my mom that he got me to try things like corn, rice,snails, sweetbreads, or bone marrow.  He still cannot get me to try and/or enjoy the following: broccoli, cooked vegetables, ketchup on my eggs, corn mixed with mashed potatoes, and onions.

.travel far

When I turned 30, I was determined to get my single self out of New Jersey, beyond the Garden State Parkway, and experience more than what was within a somewhat reasonable driving distance.  I had a passport with zero stamps in it, so I booked a few trips – Jamaica & Greece.  Three weeks after I booked Jamaica, I met a guy (same guy as before).  Lucky for me, he shared my love of travel and my need to expand my life experience beyond the Eastern seaboard.  A few years later we got married, and haven’t stopped traveling since.

What to expect in this blog:

Notes about our travels, reviews of the restaurants we travel near & far to enjoy, obsessions over all things baked, minimal snark, occasional sarcasm, and a few other random thoughts.  Enjoy!


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