book a ticket and just leave.

When I had seen this on Pinterest, I thought “This is how I want to live my life”.  Just having the ability to pick up and go whenever I wanted.  For so many reasons, that’s just not possible.  First, our pockets don’t run as deep as we’d like, and second, I only get 2 weeks of vacation per year.  That gives me anxiety knowing I only have a short amount of time to see everything I want to see.

This year, we’ve been fortunate to visit Colorado, San Francisco, Washington DC, and in a few weeks, we’ll return to Colorado for an entire week and explore Denver, Colorado Springs, Golden, and head back to our ‘home base’ of Boulder and the surrounding suburbs.  This trip is reminding me more of our honeymoon which was a lot of exploring and sight-seeing, rather than some trips that have been food-centric, and the sight seeing was the added bonus.  I’m most excited for my first-ever regular season NFL game, and a tentative visit to Casa Bonita (and if you at all were/are a fan of South Park, you would fully understand why I need to visit for a margarita and some skee ball).  When a place is described as the world’s “weirdest Mexican restaurant“, I want to be able to experience that for myself.

But aside from skee ball and football, Colorado is the one place that we could potentially see ourselves living one day, whether that day is tomorrow, or 15 years from now (we promise, it is NOT tomorrow, or the week or month or year after that).  While I always saw myself settling outside of New Jersey, my life partner in crime & expensive dinners couldn’t.  That is, until we visited Colorado together.  But leaving family, friends, friends who are family, and friends who send you MLS listings saying “won’t you PLEASE be our neighbors” (we always enjoy those emails) would be nearly impossible.  But it sure is nice to dream.  Dreaming is what makes me feel alive.


I am very excited for our upcoming trip.  We’ve found a few interesting restaurants, and will cross off another place on our “Top Chef Restaurant Tour List” when we visit Jax Fish House in Boulder.  TECHNICALLY SPEAKING this really isn’t “Top Chef” territory anymore, as Top Chef Season 5 winner Hosea Rosenberg is no longer the executive chef there, but when we watched his season we never imagined we’d get to Boulder ever, so we just have to go.

Cheers to booking a few tickets and leaving…but the next big question remains:  where are we going next?


2 thoughts on “book a ticket and just leave.

  1. I have those same feelings of anxiety knowing I have the means for such little travel, but having that intense ache for traveling. I hope someday we will both be able to experience just packing and going. Thanks for sharing! Cheers!

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