keep calm and travel on.

happy new year, my friends!

i’ve been a bad blogger, i admit it. truth is, when i got a promotion at work at the beginning of october, my work hours changed and gone were my late night writing sessions where i’d get a lot of my blogging done. my commitment to myself is to get here at least once a week. why? i miss it.

we’re in the midst of our 2013 travel plans. a trip to europe is definitely happening, but we’re still deciding between italy, sweden, spain (barcelona), and greece. we’d like to go somewhere neither of us have been before. greece requires the least amount of travel planning besides just getting a ticket, as we’d be visiting my family, and i really can’t wait for them to meet my husband.

keepcalma big idea we’ve been tossing around is a trip on amtrak’s empire builder line. we’d fly to chicago, and take a train straight out to seattle and then fly home. let’s be honest, when would i ever get to visit montana otherwise?

i recently caught up with one of my friends (ok, he’s really like a brother to me) who shares the same passion for travel and same desire to see the world as i have. we got to really dig deep and i told him all about not just our travels in 2012 (colorado twice, san francsico, washington dc), but our epic 14-day trip to europe for our honeymoon: three nights in london, four nights in paris, three nights in cork, ireland, and 4 nights in dublin. it was an amazing trip worth every single penny we spent.

the trip came 5 months after our wedding. partly becuase we didn’t want to travel europe in the cold of december, we didn’t want to be away so long and come back right before christmas, and the other part is that my father-in-law was very ill. sadly, he passed away just 2 weeks before we left for our european adventure.  he was so excited for our trip. sure, because he was happy to see his only child and his wife exploring the world, but mostly because he had never had the opportunity to travel to europe himself. my husband always talked about wanting to visit ireland with his dad and explore where their family was from, and if i could ever wish for anything in my life, it would have been for that to have had happened. and since it didn’t, we have made it our mission to bring pop along with us on our adventures.


everywhere we go, we bring his ashes with us and scatter a very, very small amount at places where we know he would have loved to have been. so far, pop has seen buckingham palace, the eiffel tower, blarney castle gardens, the river lee (cork, ireland), st. patrick’s cathedral (dublin), newgrange (county meath, ireland), saint malo church (colorado), the garden of the gods (colorado springs), and alcatraz.  if he couldn’t travel during his time with us on earth, he’s traveling with us in spirit. and we hope he’s having a marvelous time.

life is too short to not experience, well, life. get out there. do something different. see a new place. cheers to a new travel year, pop! can’t wait to see where we go next!


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