.i’m back

i know. i said last year on my 36th birthday that my goal would be to write at least 3 blog posts per month. wow, did i fail.

where have i been?

quite simply, i’ve been living. trying my hardest to not live through the lens and just be ‘in the moment’ (whatever the hell that’s supposed to mean). in the 11 months since you last saw me i have…

traveled to colorado, california (twice), ireland, and georgia

received my 3rd work promotion in 4 years

turned 37

watched my nieces turn 1 and 3

spent a night in NYC with one of my best girlfriends

enjoyed a lot of PSU activities (football, hockey)

had some excellent girls weekends with my gamma sigs

above all, i have worked a lot on me. i became more confident, i’ve stopped beating myself up for stupid things i cannot control. i’ve enjoyed life a lot more. not that i hadn’t been enjoying life before, but i’m more at peace with a lot of things that used to hold me back.

37 started about 7 weeks ago. in the coming months, my husband will turn 40, we will plan a few more exciting trips, we will witness two of our dear friends get married, and we will, very likely, be moving (which scares me. we will be staying in new jersey though.)

so i’m back. bringing the zen, as dina manzo would say. namaste.


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