One Word Wednesday – Fistbump

A blogger whom I admire and have come to know because of FitBloggin, Alan at Sweating Until Happy (who is seriously the coolest, most inspiring guy ever) had received a suggestion from a Facebook friend of his to summarize his year in “a series of awesome words.” I jumped in with “I think One Word Wednesday was just born.”

I know a few friends/bloggers who select one word to embrace/live by each year (like Carla and Meghan), and I’ll post about my word in a later entry.

But for today, I hereby introduce “One Word Wednesday.” This week’s word is Fistbump. This fistbump is directly dedicated to Leah Still & her awesome dad and fellow Penn Stater, Devon Still. #prayforleah #leahstrong

Fistbump for Leah #leahstrong

Fistbump for Leah


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