about me


Estes Park, Colorado – March 2012. I waited until all of the kids cleared out of the playground before doing this.

who i am:

cpg marketing professional. brand management/media buyer by day, wannabe broadway actress by night. world traveler, baking addict, wine lover, vodka drinker, writer, best friend, wife, daughter, sister, doting aunt, photography novice, penn stater, gamma sig sister. lover of sock monkeys and penguins, lower-case typing, and the Oxford comma.


you want me to review your product? that’s great. however, i will very politely decline.

i have chosen to not accept offers from companies or brands to review products or services in exchange for blog posts or reviews. i am a marketing professional in the cpg industry, and want to avoid conflicts of interest with brands/agencies/pr firms. however, i am more than happy to chat off-line regarding products, strategy, branding, and digital marketing, and I would actually welcome that opportunity. please reach out at etzerefos (at) gmail (dot) com.

none of these posts are sponsored, nor do they contain affiliate links.   you may email me at etzerefos (at) gmail (dot) com). all views expressed on this blog are my own. all materials, images, writings, are owned wholly by elena r. tzerefos-parks.

if you are a restaurant owner, and i’ve talked about your restaurant, please reach out via twitter @elenarparks, or via email at etzerefos (at) gmail (dot) com. i would love to talk to you about my experiences at your establishment. and i would really like to be invited back so i can meet you and thank you for my dining experiences. i do not expect or want compensation or free meals. just the opportunity to meet you would make my day.

cheers – ertp


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